Spiritual Experiences

As a Medium, I have had many people ask me when

I started ‘seeing’ or ‘knowing’ things.  I always

have.  I don’t know why I did and others didn’t. 

(or so I thought at the time.  I could not have

explained (in words) what I was seeing or what it

meant at that time). 

For as far back as I can remember, even as a

small child, there was a woman (a spirit) who

used to stand in the right hand corner of my

bedroom and talk into my head.  (she was always

in the right hand corner no matter what way

my bedroom was arranged).  I was deathly

afraid of the dark and she ‘lit up’ my room

for me and told me/made me feel like

everything was always going to be all right!

(My bedroom door was partially open and

the hall light on but that wasn’t enough)!

She told me that she would stay there until

I fell  asleep and she was there every night

for years!  (she was almost as solid and

distinct as if I were looking at you or me!  I

thought she was my Aunt.  You know, one of

ones from the other side of the family that I

Don’t look like!  The tall, pretty, thin, blond 

ones!  HA!  HA!  (She DID look like my cousins!)

I felt safe with her there!  I knew not to tell any-

one about her or the other things I was seeing!

(I didn’t know why I knew then, but I did!  I’m

sure that it was my spirit guides who ‘told’ me

not to)!

(When I found my spiritual teacher and asked

her about this woman, she said that she was my

Aunt (further back) and that she took me on

astral travels (looks like flying dreams to other

places that are in color).  I will be explaining

this at a different time.

I would go to sleep and have the most won-

derful  (almost always) ‘dreams’ in color

that I was flying and visiting people and


These are some of the experience of my astral

travels (the travel part):  I was flying like Super-

woman, Aladdin on the magic carpet, up high

spinning around and around and around so

I never wanted to stop, etc.  One of the my

favorites:  flying on big, white Pegasus (winged

horses) in a whole herd of Pegasus.  (I now

think they made it really interesting and vivid

for me so that I would remember)!  The flying,

(travel part) took my astral body to what I was

to see from ‘spirit’.  I ‘met’ people in these astral

travels (in color dreams) that I didn’t know but

I did know that I later found out some of them

were my spirit guides.  I ‘traveled’ all over the

world, into outer space and to Heaven!  (all of

this is as vivid to me as if it happened yesterday)!

I learned from my teacher that everyone astral

travels.  (not everyone remembers it, but you

can learn to)!   Some of the things are in symbol

but can be interpreted.



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  1. I have the opportunity to meet Vicky and the only thing that comes to my mind is the she is wonderful, amazing person and one of the best.

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