Near Death Experience

First Near Death Experience:

When I was five yeats old, I almost died from

chicken pox.  I was so sick that my Mother didn’t

dare to take me out of the house (dead of winter

in Maine, extremely cold outside) so the Doctor

came to the house to treat me.  I remember the

Doctor saying to my Mother that I was delirious

and that I thought that was so funny because I

understood what they were saying.  (it didn’t

occur to me until later in my life that at 5, that

I shouldn’t have know what delirious meant)! I

went to sleep and ‘dreamt’ that I walked up a long,

white and lit so bright white that it hurt my eyes.

(there was a narrow place in it part way up).  I

went up to the end and there was an open place

(like if someone didn’t put the end wall up on

a building) and I stood at the opening and on

the other side was like outside on the best

summer day ever!  (beautiful trees, green

grass, flowers, bright sunshine, birds, etc.)  It

was BEAUTFUL but it wasn’t so much what

I saw, it was what it ‘felt’ like!  It ‘felt’

WONDERFUL!  (like the best thing ever, I 

wanted to go and stay there forwver)!  There

was the most beautiful music that I have

ever heard!  (that I can’t hum, or tell some-

one else or write down).  I can still kind of

remember it though in the edges of my mind)!

I ddn’t see any people but I knew that if I

stepped out into it, I couldn’t come back!  So,

I turned around, regretfully, disappointed,

and walked back down the tunnel and woke

up, still very sick.  I was five years old then

 and I am 54 now and I remember this as

strongly, as vividly, as if it happened last


(Later in classes with my spiritual teacher,

she said that you only seem to get to make the 

choice if you will make the right choice,

otherwise you are sent back if it is not your





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