Spiritual Definitions Booklet

Preface by Vicki White
“This booklet has been written as a simple explanation of some of the many questions I’ve been asked by my students and others over the the years. These simple explanations have been written by myself in conjunction with my spirit guides.
My intention with this booklet is to provide information. This information is not meant to change anyone’s belief system or dictate how or what to do spiritually, it is only meant to provide information.
If you have been inspired by what you have read here, more information is available through attending classes in person or via phone or Skype. You may contact me directly by calling (561) 266-0864 and leaving a message. Thank you for your interest in this booklet, and please feel free to share it with others.”

Vicki White is a certified Medium, a psychic development teacher, spiritual counselor and healer.

MESSAGE MEDITATION: the practice of releasing conscious thought to clear your mind to allow spiritual connection and communication to come through your spirit guides.

MEDIUM; a person who is psychic (sensitive to the spirit world) and has a correct understanding and use of their psychic abilities. They how and where their messages come from. They have an understanding of the spirit world and spiritual philosophy. they are able to transmit information from the spirit world to thos in the material world.

PSYCHIC: all people can develop their psychic abilities. Some of these abilities are to “see”, “hear”, and/or “feel”, by connecting (“tuning in”) to their spirit guides. Messages can slo be received fro other spirits as well as your spiritual family.

SPIRIT GUIDES: people who have passed to the next expression of life and by their intention have made a spiritual progression, so that they can become a guide to a person in the material world. They provide information to help you make your own decisions for your highest good.

MENTAL MEDIUMSHIP: a person of psychic ability who is able to bring messages from the spirit world to those in the material world.

CLAIRVOYANCE: psychic ability to “see” (clear sight, clear vision) through a connection with your spirit guides and others of the spirit world.

CLAIRVOYANCE: psychic ability to “hear” (clear hearing by ear or in the mind)through a connection with your spirit guides and others of the spirit world.

CLAIRSENTIENCE: psychic ability to “feel” (clear feeling or clear knowing) through a connection with your spirit guides and others of the spirit world.

VIBRATION: energy in motion.

SPIRITUAL VIBRATION: ability of two or more energy fields connecting between two or more people, tat has a positive pattern – an intentional sense of direction.

VALUE OF SPIRITUAL COMMUNITION: to bring an understanding and conformation of eternal life. To connect with loved ones who have passed to spirit. To be aware of moral responsibility.

SPIRITUAL DESTINY: the agreement made just before the time of your coming into material existance for your spiritual service or work duing this expression of life. This agreement consists of your “ingredients”, (personality, strengths, pattern of your soul’s make-up) everything you need to fulfill your spiritual destiny and all of your material life, decided by you and The Source (God, Infinite Intelligence, or whatever name has meaning for you.)

FREE WILL: we all hae free will and have the choice to make our own decisons. This continues after we pass to the next expression of life.

LAW OF ATTRACTION: when you pass to spirit, you connect to what matches up to you on a vibrational level. Life attracts like, good attracts good. In the spirit world, there is no bad or evil, since there is no judgement or exprectation/ there is what is spiritual and what is not.

PROTECTION PRAYERS: spirit guides encorage people to say protection prayers as we are human beings living in a material world that is not perfect.  By developing our spiritual gifts, we are intentionally increasing our sensitivities.  Protection prayers ehelp your spirit guides protect you from negative vibrations rom this world and the next.  It is not he words that are important; it is your intention and belief.  Your very best protection is pure thought and positive intention!

A PROTECTION PRAYER: “I surround myself with the white light of God so that only good shall enter my aura.”  To only receive communication from the 7th plan or above, this prayers should be said at least seven times, consecutively, within a 24-hour period to maintain continuous protection.

DREAMS: dreams are in black and white and are from the subconscious.  They are not spiritual messages from your spirit guides.  They do hae meaning.  They are a review of your thoughts, memories, fears, etc.

ASTRAL TRAVELS: astral travels are the mental state between sleep and consciousness, known as super consciousness.  Astral travel may contain symbols, depending on the depth of your connection to your spirit guides.  When you travel with your spirit guides to a particular point or place in the present or near present, it is real.  They can bring you to see the living record of the past or if they show you the future, it is a possible future, for your highest good.  Your soul (astral body) leaves though the spot spot in your head and is connected by the silken cord.  They are in color and you will usually remember some feeling or vision of fast travel to the destination and back.  You travel with some spirit guides while other spirit guides protect your physical body.

VISIONS: visions are messsages of spiritual projections that are in color, provided by your spirit guides for your highest good.  As you develop your psychic abilities, you will be shown symbols, shapes and colors that have meaning for you.  Even if you do knot know what they mean, they carry a beneficial and progressive vibrational field for you.

LIFE PRINCIPLE, THE SOURCE, GOD, INFINITE INTELLIGENCE, ETC:  is a beliefe that there is something more than us that we are connected to, and that we will return to where we were created.  Communication with this higher spiritual vibration comes from our spirit guides and spiritual family, and is confirmed through the messages they bring to us.

SPIRITUAL FAMILY: your ancestors who have a a spiritual progression, and who can come to you through the connection of love or need.  Some can be your spirit guides.

SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS: your state of mind when you remove all conscious thought so that messages can be received from you spirit guides.  For many people, this can be achieved through meditation and practice in receiving messages for yourself and others.

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT: learning how to meditate and receive messages from your spirit guides and loved ones, how this communication is brought to us, how the spirit world functions and learning spiritual philosophy, is usually learned with a teacher and your spirit guides.  (You are re-learning what you came into this expression of life already knowing.)

SPIRITUAL INFOLDMENT: to open to learning how to your spiritual gifts and abilites.  We are all individuals and unique in our own way, as are our abilities and how to use them.

ECTOPLASM: spirit guides draw minute particles of physical matter from several elements and structure them into a spiritual projection.

MATERIALIZATION; a phase of physical mediumship, which produces an ectoplasmic replica of the spirit entity’s former human body.

AUTOMATIC WRITING:  spiritual writing in a full trance state, where the material person allows their consciousness to be moved aside allowing the spirit guides to have full contraol of the body.  The writing is from spirit guides using the material person’s hand.  These writings are sophisticated.

INSPIRATIONAL WRITING: the medium or the writer is fully conscious and aware.  Writing is done in connection with the person’s spirit guides.

INDEPENDENT WRITING:  often referred to as ‘slate writing’, is done in connection with the person’s spirit guides, without the use of the person’s hand. 

blue (psysical healing)
arrow (sence of direction)
flower (happiness)


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