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Message Meditation Practice

Practice of removing conscious thought (clearing your mind) to open to spiritual connection/communication from you spirit guides (superconsciousness).

Message Meditation that I teach most of my students.
1. Be comfortable.
2. Light candles, use crystals, music, etc. (if this is what you are comfortable with).
3. Say Protection Prayers
4. Meditate for no more than 10 minutes. Try to clear your mind. If you can’t clear your mind, then you can use a meditation enhancement/focus (such as a crystal or stone, etc.) Soft focus your eyes and stare at the enhancement until it disappears and close your eyes. Once you are “tuned in”, what you receive should only be spiritual messages from your spirit guides. If you start “thinking” again, clear your mind again and keep going. Often when starting, it will be symbols, shapes and colors or you may see a person or a scene and it becomes more defined with practice and understanding. Often times it takes a medium or “teacher” to interpret for you. Even if you don’t know what the images mean, you do “feel” a vibrational field that is beneficial to you. You may receive messages that are not vision from your other senss such as hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, etc. You are relearning what you came here with. If you feel like you are falling asleep, sometimes this can be that you are going into a deeper state of superconsciousness to astral travel.
5. Interpret with your teacher. (there are no good interpretation books out there. Symbols are individual to each person. Whatever you accept as the meaning, your spirit guides will always bring it to you in that same way. Interpretations are literal and abstract. Everything you receive means something, everything of the spirit world has an intentional purpose and meaning.
The reason that I teach people to accept symbols, shapes and colors to begin with is so you form the distingtion that this is ‘you’ and this is ‘them’ (spirit) not your own thoughts or opionion. (If you don’t know what the symbols mean you didn’t make them up!) Three goals are this one previous, to be able to hold the superconsciousness for a period of time and to have an “on” and “off” switch. (on when you want to work with spirit and off when you are done).