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Dreams, Astral Travels & Visions

Dreams are in black and white and are not spiritual messages. They do have meaning and can be interpreted. They are created in your subconscius mind and are memories, wishes, nightmares, etc.
Astral travels and visions are in color and spiritual messages. In astral travels, the soul (astral body) leaves through the soft spot on the top of the head and is connected by the silken cord of life. Your spirit guides take you there and some stay with your body so that you are always protected. You can travel to any place in the present. It is real, your astral body is really there. If you travel into what seems to be the past, it is the living record of the past and if it is seemingly of the future, it is a possible future (if all things line up and you in a direct or mostly direct line from where you are today. You can always change this by your free will.) There is always some kind of travel involved to and from. (you don’t always remember this). You may see/experience a spiritual projection of travel. (see yourself fly like superman, like Aladdin on the magic carpet, on the nose of a plane, etc.) You can move in any position except the one your physical body is in. Whatever you see or experience has meaning and may need to be interpretated.
Visions are spiritual projections. They are in color and are usually in symbols, shapes and colors and these all mean something. Everything that you see, hear, feel, etc., is significant (even if it doesn’t make any sense to you and I can help you with the interpretation).
You can have visions or astral travels in what appears to be sleep or awake. It is actually in the state of mind between consciousness and unconsciousness which is superconsiousness (spiritual controlled with your spirit guides). You are able to achieve this by clearing your mind of material thought.